it combines the glamor of sweating with the convenience of not stopping


Beautiful Disaster – Gorge Waterfalls 100k

Oh man was this tough.  The race was great, the trail was amazing, the people I met were fantastic.  My running was blah. This race was a tale of slogging along and no quitting regardless of how much I thought about it.  I finished in a time 12:53.03 which was more than an hour off of my goal time.  I could tell out of the gate that it could be a long day.  There were several factors that probably played into this.  One was the 4am start.  It is not normal to get up at 2am for a race.  Digestion […]


Sick as a Dog

Last week I had a great 1st taper week with easy flat miles during the week days with a little bit of speed mixed in.  Yassine put together a group run last Saturday and we explored the back 20 miles of the Gorge course.  I felt great during the long run, climbing well and closing out the run with some good turnover on the technical sections.  I was super excited to barely feel fazed by it on Sunday but still stuck to plan and did not run. This week however was not as good.  I was so sick. Late Monday night to Tuesday […]


Sticking to It

Another week where all goals were met, but when your goals are fairly loose that is a little easier to do.  It is not that I do not have goals, I have just chosen not to get overly specific this early in the season.  Right now I just want to ramp up and be consistent.  I have been shooting for 60+ miles, log around 10k of climb, and run a little faster a few times during workouts for each week. Monday – rest/recovery from long run Tuesday – Extended out my normal 7 miler a bit and picked up some extra climb. Pushed the effort a bit […]

Wilson Rive Trail bluff

Training Update 2/23 – 3/1

My training is absolutely heading in the right direction.  The trend line is starting to flatten out versus some of the mileage peaks and valleys that have been present since the relocation.  I landed over 60 miles and 10K of climb for the second consecutive week and my 4 week average is in the mid 50’s with over 9k of climb.  I’m not one to usually look back and compare but given the circumstances this year combined with the new surroundings, I thought it would be interesting to see how my past 2 February’s stacked up. For Feb 2015 total hours […]


A Trip Around Mt St Helens

I had planned on exploring the volcanos of Hood and St. Helens in the upcoming summer months.  I can now cross one off my list a little earlier than planned.  This past weekend I had the pleasure of hitting the PNW classic of running the 33 miles around Mt. St. Helens.  Doing this in February is, from my understanding, almost unheard of.  The weather here in Portland has been out of control good for this time of year.  Now, I recognize that for those that enjoy snow sports it is less than ideal, but selfishly for the point of this post I am commenting as a […]