4 thoughts on “Trail Running in St. Louis

  1. Great article, Travis. It’s amazing how much good trail running there is in the midwest- there needs to be more exposure on these trails and promotion of running events in the area. Good job, man.

  2. Soo…I moved back to the St. Louis area after 26 years. Have been here a year and have been running/hiking trails by myself. I posted something on the ultralistserv I’m on and someone suggested I contact you? I’m looking for some good trails to run. I have bluffs near me (on the Illinois side) which I use for long runs….but could use some other suggestions.Thanks:)

  3. Pamela, I am happy to give you some places to check out. I live on the IL side too but travel over into the St. Louis area for more challenging trails. my email is travis_liles@hotmail.com please feel free to send me a message there and we can discuss further.

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